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Experienced Auto Repair Services for the Red Bud, IL Area

No matter if you need regular maintenance or emergency repairs, our team at Jay’s Auto Repair & Towing is here to help. Our trained and experienced staff understands almost every situation that you could be dealing with for your vehicle. We have been the most trusted auto shop in Red Bud, IL for over 10 years and our customers count on us to get their vehicles repaired correctly and efficiently. If you are looking for an auto repair shop, give us a call!

Transmission Repair Services

We understand that dealing with your vehicle’s transmission can be a hassle. That’s why at Jay’s Auto Repair & Towing, we take away that hassle and are able to offer comprehensive transmission services for every make and model of vehicle. Transmission problems can typically range from simple and easy to fix to more extensive and severe issues. This is why we are equipped in handling whatever transmission problem comes our way. So if you start to notice a slip as the engine tires shift gears or your vehicle starts to vibrate strangely, give our team a call to set up an appointment.

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Auto Air Conditioning & Heating

During the summer and winter seasons, especially in the Midwest, we have extreme highs and lows. This of course puts your vehicle into a difficult situation, and you expect your vehicle to protect you temporarily from these elements. If you find that your vehicle’s AC or heating systems are not working as they once did, you may have a problem when the temperatures either soar or fall rapidly. Come in and let our team diagnose and fix the issue, allowing you to get back out there and feel comfortable in your vehicle.

Shocks & Struts

If you want to ensure that your vehicle is properly on the road and that you have full control of it, ensuring that your shocks and struts are properly maintained is an important task. These items are crucial to a vehicle’s suspension system. If you begin to notice that your vehicle is swaging or is excessively bouncy, give our team of experts a call to set up an appointment. These can be signs that your shocks and struts are in need of repair, and our experienced team can make sure they get repaired properly.

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tire alignments

Tire Alignments

We understand how important your tires are to your vehicle. This is why not only having proper tires but making sure that they are properly aligned is an important step. This is because having proper alignment affects your vehicle’s fuel economy, tire life, and overall performance.       


No matter what time of year it is, getting preventative maintenance for your vehicle is always a smart idea.  Regular maintenance can include a variety of services including air filter changes, checking power steering, and getting an oil change. These are small things that in the end will help ensure that your vehicle is running its best.

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Your vehicle’s brakes are a key part of ensuring your safety while driving. That is why it is crucial that you make sure they are healthy themselves. If you have concerns about your vehicle’s brakes, come to Jay’s Auto Repair & Towing where our professionals are able to make sure that your vehicle’s brakes are properly repaired.

Engine Diagnostics & Repair

No matter what type of vehicle you have, the engine is a key part of operating it. If you start to notice weird smells or sounds coming from your vehicle’s engine, then it is time to have our experts look at it and repair it as soon as possible.

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Exhausts & Mufflers

If you are in need of exhaust or muffler repairs, our team of technicians can make sure the job is done right. No matter if you want to upgrade to a new system, or just want to repair the current one, we are able to handle all makes and models of exhausts and mufflers. Give us a call today to learn more about our exhaust and muffler repair services.